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Why can’t I see my students' progress?


When you first add students to your class by importing your roster via Google Classroom and/or Clever, they will be marked as Pending. This means that they have received a request to add you as a coach but have not yet accepted it. You may want to remind them to either check their email or log in to their Khan Academy accounts to accept your request.

You could also go to Manage Students and click the Resend email links.

If your students have successfully added your class and completed progress but you are unable to view their progress, it could be due to a number of factors. Please ensure that:

  • Your students are completing their assignments while logged into the accounts that are connected to your teacher account. You can verify their account credentials from your dashboard directly if need be.
  • Your students are only completing the assignments after they have been assigned. If they complete assignments before having them assigned, they will not be reflected in your Teacher dashboard.
  • Your students are completing the assignments that have been assigned to them. To check if assignments have been assigned to all students, please visit the Manage tab on your class settings. 

If you have verified all of the above information and you are still unable to see your students' progress, please submit a new request to our support team!