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Can I use Khan Academy’s videos/name/materials/links in my project?


You are welcome to link the materials on our website and, in general, to use the website offerings at, as long as there is not a charge specific to using the resource (for example, if a tutor charges $20 per hour per student without Khan Academy but $30 per hour with Khan Academy, that violates the non-commercial clause).

To use or embed Khan Academy materials (videos, articles, or exercises) in a distinct offering apart from, please refer to the following resources:

Important considerations:

  • Refer to our Trademark and Brand Usage Policy regarding the use of the term "Khan Academy" or our logo.
  • Please pay attention to the attribution and non-commercial clauses (see below for a quick summary).

Attribution: Per our license, you must attribute the material to Khan Academy, but not in any way that suggests that Khan Academy directly endorses you or your use of the materials. Please include a link to ( and the following verbiage:

"Note: All Khan Academy content is available for free at (".

In addition, where Khan Academy materials are incorporated into a service that requires login for the service, the notification must be provided prior to login that all Khan Academy materials are available for free at (

Non-commercial: Khan Academy defines “non-commercial” as any use that is not directly intended to generate sales or profits for the user. (Advertisements on a website are considered commercial. It is also considered commercial for a third party to use Khan Academy in advertising or marketing for their services or products). Here are a few examples:

  • The use of our content by a for-profit corporation for internal professional development and/or training of its employees is “non-commercial” as long as that corporation does not charge its employees for such use.
  • The use of our content by an organization that is incorporating it into a paid offering is NOT "non-commercial"
  • For mobile apps or other similar use cases, the title and/or description should clearly indicate it is unofficial; if there is a "contact us” section, the developer(s) should be listed for technical issues.

Note: For inquiries regarding the Khan Academy platform, the main platform is not available for licensing.