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Update: New layout for Course and Unit pages


Today we’re starting to roll out an updated look to our Course and Unit pages, and with it improved speed of navigation. We’re slowly rolling this out to people so it’s possible that you don’t have it on your own account yet, but here’s what it will eventually look like when you do:


Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding additional features to these pages, with the overall goals of streamlining the course navigation experience, improved performance, and giving learners a better visual overview of their mastery progress.


…Visual progress overview, you say? 👀 

These designs might change for the final version, but here’s an idea of the kind of skills progress display the team is working on:


Where each square will tell you the following about that respective skill:


We do want to reiterate that this is not the final version - so things might change by the time they make it to your account - but we did want to give you a preview of the direction that we’re going with these changes :) 

Stay tuned for more updates coming this summer!