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Das deutschsprachige Team / The German Team


In 2011, the German team began producing the first German-language videos in the fields of geometry and trigonometry. Over the following years, we expanded offerings, focusing initially on translating mathematics content. Gradually we covered additional subject areas to offer a more comprehensive range of topics. The team also worked intensively to adapt the videos and exercises to the needs of German-speaking learners and to ensure high-quality content.

In 2015, the beta version of the German Khan Academy became available for the first time. This marked a significant milestone, as it was now possible to offer German-speaking users a localized version of the platform. In the same year, the nonprofit association KA Deutsch e.V. was founded. This organization is dedicated to improving educational opportunities in Germany and promoting the dissemination of Khan Academy in the German-speaking regions. The foundation actively engages in content development and adaptation, collaboration with schools and educational institutions, and the implementation of educational initiatives.

For some time now, we have been working intensively to advance the computer science learning content. One of our goals is to subtitle nearly all videos by the summer of 2023.
We are also pleased to mention that our translation community has recently grown. Moreover, several promising projects have been launched.

Our core team consists of the following members:
Lothar Klinkhammer: Präsident Verein KA Deutsch e. V. 
Dr. Markus Weih: Vorstandsmitglied KA Deutsch e. V.
Alain Schaefer: Vorstandsmitglied KA Deutsch e. V. / Topic Champion Computing
Christian Kunz: Sekretariat KA Deutsch e. V. / Community Management