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Update: Introducing... Khanmigo! Khan Academy's AI Tool


Hello Khan Academy!

We are proud to introduce Khanmigo, a new experimental artificial intelligence (AI) guide, which a limited number of users will have access to. As a nonprofit educational organization, we see it as our responsibility to explore what AI could mean for the future of education.

  • For learners, Khanmigo aims to mimic one-on-one tutoring experiences by providing tailored support, prompting critical thinking, and suggesting relevant resources.
  • For teachers, we aim to have Khanmigo serve as an assistant that helps with administrative tasks to save time.

Check out this video from Khan Academy founder and CEO, Sal Khan where he explains this launch more in depth:



We’re inviting a small number of teachers, students, and donors to join a pilot program to test out Khanmigo. The few participants in our pilot will be our partners on a learning journey, helping us improve AI. Our goal is to maximize the educational benefits of this technology while mitigating the risks. 

This Khan Academy blog post has more information about Khanmigo and ways you can find out how to help too.