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How does the Khan Academy content team use large language models?


Khan Academy’s courses are created by human subject matter experts, many of them with advanced degrees in their fields. Some courses are created with expert partners. 

In late 2022, content creators at Khan Academy started experimenting with using OpenAI’s large language models to assist with content creation. The AI tool helps write first drafts of articles and provides sample questions to help content creators get started. In every instance, our team reviews the AI’s output closely, ensuring accuracy and alignment with our content principles, and often edits it significantly. 

We believe that by working with AI-powered language models, we can increase the rate at which we are able to create content while maintaining high quality, engaging courses. In the months and years ahead, as we develop new courses and improve and expand existing courses, we will continue to use OpenAI’s generative AI tools to assist in content development. 

While we may use AI to help us draft content, any new content in our courses—articles, exercises, and videos—will always remain human-driven and human-reviewed.