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New advocates: ten steps to launch your language project!



1. Access the Translation Portal and Crowdin project page for your language. Get a sense of what has already been translated for your team (there may have been an active group that has completed some translations, most likely videos and/or subtitles). 

2. Read about the stages/milestones for our translation teams here. Think about what you might like to accomplish over the next few months (remember, you can take it slowly while your team builds up!). 

3. Learn how your translation team will use Crowdin here.  Learn how advocates approve written strings (exercises, platform language) on Crowdin here.

4. Go to the Translation Portal and practice dubbing or recreating a new video. Look over these guidelines. Think about how and how often you will assess your volunteers' submissions. 

5. Start curating the YouTube channel that we provide. Upload and map your demo video! 

6. Open your channels of communication: introduce yourself on our Advocate Community Communication tools (e.g. advocate Discourse forum); or possibly create a Google group or Facebook page for your language translation project. 

7. Determine how you will select new applicants (applications will be routed to the email that you provided us). We recommend asking for a sample text translation or video and assessing the quality (for video, see these guidelines).

8. Create a welcome/training document for your new volunteers (include links to the Translators section of Khan Academy Zendesk!).  Check the Advocate Discourse forum for samples or templates from other advocates to save yourself time.

9. Create a workflow for yourself that includes time for the following essential advocate duties.

10. Congratulate yourself for being such an amazing person and contributing to a great mission