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How do I apply to the KACP Challenge Council?


Application Process

  • Send in your application via the KACP Challenge Council Application
  • Due to the volume of applications, we unfortunately won’t be able to personally respond to each applicant.
  • The current cohort for 2020 has been selected, and our next evaluation is planned for the end of the year.

Requirements for Challenge Council Members

  • Creativity and passion for promoting learning computer programming!
    • Brainstorming contest ideas for KACP learners of all levels is going to take a lot of thinking outside the box.  You’ll be regularly coming up with engaging, challenging, and rewarding projects for community members to work on.
  • Consistent contributions to the KACP section in the form of answering questions, contributing to discussions, and completing project evaluations.
    • Council members need to be highly familiar with the KACP platform and community and have experience supporting the community.
  • Availability to meet with other Council members to create and carry out contest launches every other month.
    • Creating contests will take a bit of time, and it’s important that Council members be available to connect with each other in order to create fun, well thought-out contests that will benefit the whole KACP community.
  • A record free of any bans or repeated bad behavior, such as plagiarism, vote soliciting, or spamming for at least six months.
    • Council members should be aware of what constitutes good behavior according to KA guidelines so they can set a good example for others and demonstrate good judgement when helping the community.