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How do I manually create an account for a student?


You can create Khan Academy accounts for your students without an email address by selecting the option Create your students' accounts when adding your students in the class creation process.

Note: Before inviting students, Khan Academy assumes you have received parent permission from parents of any under 13 students. Download our sample parent notice (in English and Spanish).


This option will allow you to create both the username and the password for each of your students. First, you will be prompted to enter each student's name. Our system will provide generic usernames and passwords for each new account. After setting up the username and passwords, click on Create account; afterward, you'll be given the option to download a copy of student names, usernames, and passwords.


Note: For privacy reasons, you will only be able to download this list in this step. If you click skip you will not be able to download it later. Additional information can be found here.

If you create the student account this way, they will automatically have permission to add other coaches in the future.