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How to add Official SAT Practice to your Khan Academy account

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Khan Academy is proud to partner with College Board to provide free, Official SAT Practice to all learners.

You can add Official SAT Practice as a course to your existing Khan Academy account.



1: Start by logging into your Khan Academy account. (You may access Khan Academy through a school portal or use your Google login.) Be sure you are using your school-issued Khan Academy account if you are doing this for a class!



2: You will land on your student homepage.



3: Select the Edit button for the section labeled My courses.



4: A popup box will appear for you to add/edit the courses on your student homepage.



5: Scroll down to the section labeled Test Prep where you should see a course called SAT.



If you see the section for Test Prep but do not see SAT, select the button to the right of Test Prep to See all courses in that section.



6: Check the box for SAT" and then click the green button on the bottom right that reads Continue with X courses.



7: This will return you to your student homepage.

You will know you have successfully added the SAT as a course if an Official SAT Practice bar is now visible. Clicking the blue Practice button on the right will take you directly to Official SAT Practice.



8: Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy allows you to learn and practice skills necessary to succeed on the SAT.

From this page you can study, set up a practice schedule, and even connect your CollegeBoard account.



9: We encourage you to link your CollegeBoard account to get personalized study suggestions based on previous PSAT/SAT scores.

By selecting the SAT course and the button to Sign in to, you can connect your Khan Academy and CollegeBoard accounts. You will only have to do this once. You can also share this information with your teacher(s) for extra support!