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Update: Restart the practice activity you’re working on— introducing the “Start over” link!


Hi everyone,

We're very excited to tell you about a newly launched feature! As of today, while working on some practice activities, you’ll see a “Start over” link. When clicked, this will take you back to the start of the activity you were working on without impacting your Mastery progress!


The "Start over" link is currently available on the web and in-app experiences for the following activities: 

  • Exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Unit Tests
  • Course Challenges

On the other hand, the “Start over” link is intentionally not available for:

  • Mastery Challenges, and more information about this decision is explained in this article
  • Assignments teachers make for their students that have the "Same question set for all students" option selected. 

The development of this new feature was driven by Khan Academy’s Learning Science team, along with the feedback we received from the Khan Academy community requesting this option. We hope that the ability to start over in the middle of an exercise will make your learning experience more motivating, and alleviate the fear of your Mastery progress being affected by accidental mistakes. 

As always, we’d love to know what you think of this change! We appreciate the many students, parents, and teachers who wrote in over the years describing how a feature like this would benefit learners. 

Happy learning!