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Camp Khan 2022: Learn daily this July, win prizes!



Camp Khan is a FREE 31-day challenge to complete 30-minutes of learning each day from July 1st through July 31st. No sign-up required!

We believe EVERYONE can learn something new this summer. Throughout the Camp Khan challenge, we'll share content and resources for all ages to build growth mindset, positive learning habits, and prepare students for back to school. Not to mention weekly prize giveaways to reward your progress!

To join our summer learning challenge:
⤵️ DOWNLOAD our FREE 31-day learning tracker
🔖 SET A GOAL--What topic do you want to learn for 30-min a day this July??
✅ TRACK PROGRESS--Check off each day you meet your 30-min learning goal
↗️ UPLOAD a photo of your progress tracker by the end of each Friday or SHARE a photo of your progress tracker on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using the hashtag #CampKhan2022 for a chance to win prizes!

🎁 We'll be selecting prize winners at the end of each week--so keep sharing your progress for a chance to win--
💧 Hydroflask
🎒 Fjallraven backpack
💳 $100 Nike giftcard
🎧 Airpods Pro

Need ideas for what to learn?
For parents or students:
Try our
Get Ready for Grade Level courses to fills in any knowledge gaps and practice the exact math skills that matter the most to be prepared for the next grade level. 

For all learners: 

Consider checking out our library of new science courses, or level up your personal and professional life with our Life Skills content!

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How does Camp Khan work?

  1. Decide where to focus: You might brush up on something difficult from last year or tackle an entirely new topic! 
  2. Download a copy of our Camp Khan tracker so you can jot your goal and check off each day you meet it. Print or edit digitally. If based in the U.S., you’ll be invited to upload a photo of your tracker once a week for a chance to win prizes!

Download our FREE summer learning tracker here!

  1. Navigate to the topic or grade level you’re working towards on Khan Academy and take the course challenge. This will help you breeze past skills you’re already comfortable with, so your 30 minutes of practice are spent getting stronger.



4. Throughout July, U.S. learners can share photos of their trackers to win prizes and enter giveaways! We’ll email you with ways to enter, and you’ll find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at #CampKhan where you can share your progress and WIN.


Q: Help, I’m new and starting too late!

A: No problem! You can complete the 31-day summer challenge *anytime* that works for you.ll Camp Khan participants can continue using Khan Academy’s “Get Ready” courses to prepare for a new unit at any point throughout the school year. 

Q: My kids are too young for Camp Khan, is there an alternative? 

A: Absolutely! Camp Khan Kids is a free, self-paced virtual summer learning program for children ages 2–8. The camp guides parents and children in a playful educational journey using the Khan Academy Kids app as a launchpad into hands-on learning. Activities cover reading, writing, math, logic, creative play, and social-emotional development. 

For more information, visit the overview page

Q: What are the “Get Ready” courses? 

A: As we slide into summer, we know many families are concerned about keeping up with math skills, so we’re determined to do all we can to help students feel confident and comfortable next year! Our “Get Ready” courses help families focus on the critical skills students in grades 3-12 will need for the fall. 

We designed the courses to help students master the most important skills they’ll need for the next grade. What’s more, students can use our new courses to figure out where they may have gaps before they enter that grade. Teachers and students can also use “Get Ready” at any time to complement grade-level instruction. 

For more information about these courses, check out our blog post or watch Sal introduce “Get ready for 6th grade.”

Q: How can families participate?

A: Families will need an internet connection and a free Khan Academy account to participate. They can sign up for an account on the Khan Academy website. While Camp Khan is open to anyone, anywhere, this year’s prizes are available to U.S. families and learners only.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates and tips for #CampKhan2022, and download our Quick Guide for easy reference or sharing!