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How can I help my students link their accounts to College Board?


When your students connect their Khan Academy accounts to their College Board accounts, this will allow us to use their previous SAT, PSAT/NMSQT®, or PSAT 10 results to give them personalized practice recommendations and fast-forward their skill progress.

Note that the entire process happens from the student’s profile. We provide a step-by-step guide on how to do so on the student’s end. You can refer your students to this guide and use it as a reference to help your students set their own accounts: How do I connect my Khan Academy account to College Board?


The main reason preventing students from connecting their accounts to College Board is how their age is set in their account. If your student has a child account instead of a regular account, they will be unable to complete the linking. 

To resolve this, you can help your student by changing their birthdates through your own teacher account. Make sure your student is connected to you and follow the steps found here: My students can’t link their accounts to College Board because the website says they’re under 13. How do I update their birthdates? 

In case the linking doesn’t succeed for any other reason, we recommend you reach out to our support channel so our agents can further investigate the issue. Please go ahead and submit a support ticket - we always recommend you take a look here before you do it.

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