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How can I see which content I've already scheduled or assigned?


As of December 2021, you can see what content you have already scheduled or assigned to your class. 

What do the indicators "Assigned" and "Scheduled" mean?

The Assigned and the Scheduled indicators will appear on the content on the Assign tab available in your class shortly after you create or schedule an assignment, whether for the whole class or just for a few students.


The Assigned indicator will appear next to every content assigned to your student(s) enrolled in that class (including past due assignments), while the Scheduled indicator will appear next to all content that you assigned for a future date. 

Once you create an active assignment (not scheduled), you will see the Assigned indicator next to the corresponding content.



Once you schedule an assignment for a future date, you will see the Scheduled indicator instead.


These markers will appear only for the corresponding piece of content that you've assigned or scheduled (e.g., article, video, exercise, quiz, unit test); they don't show up for an entire lesson or unit.

Please note that you'll no longer see the indicators next to that content if you delete the assignment.


What happens if I schedule content that I've already assigned or assign content that I've also scheduled?

Content will never display both indicators. In this case, the Scheduled indicator will display until the assignment is live/active, in which case the Assigned indicator will then be displayed.


My student said they did not receive an assignment, but I can see the Assigned indicator next to the content on my Teacher Dashboard. So why didn't they receive the assignment?

This is a fairly common situation, which can happen for several reasons. Therefore, we recommend that you verify the following:

  • Make sure that your student is logged into the correct account (the one connected to your teacher account).
  • Confirm with your student that they have joined the correct class.
  • Confirm that you have assigned the correct lesson to your student.


Is there a way to remove the Assigned indicator?

The only way to remove the indicator is to delete the assignment. Once you delete the assignment, the indicator will no longer appear next to the content.

We hope this marker can facilitate an easier teacher experience on Khan Academy!