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How do I transition from the free Clever Library app to Khan Academy Districts?


This is a guide for teachers to transition using Khan Academy from Clever Library to Khan Academy Districts. 


Khan Academy Districts provides several benefits for teachers: 

  1. Automatically updated class rosters 
  2. Multiple professional learning opportunities tailored to needs
  3. Dedicated Success Manager for implementation guidance 
  4. Prioritized Tech Support by submitting a ticket here.


What is different about your teacher account when you are part of Khan Academy Districts?

  • Class rosters are automatically updated nightly. Teachers cannot manually update class rosters. 
  • Class sections and rosters will appear automatically, in addition to classes that have been created manually or through your installation of Khan Academy via Clever Library.
  • Teacher accounts will be connected to a district email account.


What is the same or different about student accounts when they are part of Khan Academy Districts?

  • Students still go through their Clever portal to access their Khan Academy accounts. 
  • Class rosters will automatically appear alphabetically in "last name, first name" format. 
  • Student accounts will all be attached to a district email account. 
  • Your roster will be updated nightly as students enter and leave your class. 

All student progress will be accurately attributed to all of the student's teachers and administrators of record.


Step 1: Go to Clever and select Khan Academy. 

  • Log into Clever as you usually would, with your school district username and password. 
  • Go to the "More Apps (District)" section in your Clever Portal (you may have to scroll down to find it), then select the Khan Academy tile. 

  • Since you have an existing Khan Academy account associated with your school email, you will be brought directly to your homepage after clicking on the Khan Academy tile. 

Welcome back to Khan Academy!


Step 2: Clean up the classes on your Teacher Dashboard.

Since you've used Khan Academy through Clever Library in the past, you may see duplicated or older classes in your Teacher Dashboard now. 

We recommend setting aside 10-15 minutes to clean up your Teacher Dashboard classes. 

  • You can delete classes added by Clever Library. 
  • You cannot delete classes added by Khan Academy Districts - you'll need them; they're current. 

When you delete a class created by Clever Library, you will lose all assignments and course mastery goals you've made for the students in that class. Students will not lose their mastery progress, but their assignment scores will get deleted.


Step 3: Delete any classes added by Clever Library. 

Click into the name of the class you want to delete. 

On the left-hand side navigation bar, under ADMIN, click on Settings. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page until you see a red button that says "Delete this class."

When you're ready, press the "Delete this class" button to delete the class.