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Content Update: Grammar course improvements


Our Grammar course was first launched in 2016, and it’s been a favorite of Khan Academy users ever since. But after five years of wear and tear, the course was due for a little maintenance. Today, I’m pleased to announce the release of updates that will keep Khan Academy’s Grammar course at its best for years to come!


Here are the changes you can expect to find throughout the course:

  • Question-specific feedback: Instead of being redirected to a generic explanation when they get a question wrong, students will now be provided feedback that connects the specific question they were working on to the grammar rule in focus. This custom feedback, provided for every question in the course, should help students understand and correct any errors they make.
  • Improved mobile accessibility: We’ve adjusted the way certain exercises are structured to provide a better experience for those accessing the course on mobile devices or tablets. 
  • Increased focus on functional language use: New question formats encourage users to apply grammar rules to new contexts, using language as they might if they were writing, instead of asking them to classify language with grammatical jargon. This helps focus on what’s important—the functional use of language—instead of focusing on the definitions of grammar terms. 


What users love about the Grammar course isn’t changing, but these updates should make sure the course continues to provide an amazing resource for students. Our resident grammarian David is as ready as ever to teach grammar concepts through humorous examples and colorful illustrations. We hope you’ll join him!