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Course Updates for AP®/College Statistics in July 2021


We are excited to share that we've made significant enhancements to our AP®/College Statistics course. One consequence of adding this new content is that it may impact learners’ Mastery percentages.

When we add new content and remove old content, Mastery percentages often change because the number of available skills changes. For example, if you mastered 90 out of 100 skills in a course, and we added 10 new skills, your mastery skill count would then be 90 out of 110. This change would change your Mastery percentage from 90% to 82%.

With this specific course update, we expect that Mastery percentages will change by a maximum of 10%. Most people will see a much smaller Mastery percentage change.

You can see exactly what content items we’ve added and removed below. Happy learning! 

Content Added


Clusters in scatter plots

Outliers in scatter plots


Read bar graphs

Probability with general multiplication rule

Graph probability distributions

Develop probability distributions: Theoretical probabilities

Interpret expected value


Reading bar graphs: movies

Clusters, gaps, peaks & outliers

Statistical significance of experiment

General multiplication rule example: independent events

General multiplication rule example: dependent events

Theoretical probability distribution example: tables

Theoretical probability distribution example: multiplication

Interpreting expected value


Content Removed


Observational studies and experiments

Positive and negative associations in scatterplots


Calculating the median

Creating dot plots

Properties of density curves

Calculating the mean

Creating box plots

Area under density curves

Independent probability

Probabilities of compound events

Dependent probability

Probability in density curves

Sample size and margin of error in a confidence interval for a mean


Worked example: Creating a box plot (odd number of data points)

Worked example finding area under density curves

Types of statistical studies

Mean, median, & mode example

Worked example: Creating a box plot (even number of data points)

Density curve worked example

Worked example identifying experiment

Can causality be established from this study?

Free-throw probability

Three-pointer vs free-throw probability

Sample size for a given margin of error for a mean