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I can’t link my account to College Board because the website says I’m under 13. How do I update my birthdate?


Accounts for users under 13 years old have certain restrictions to protect their privacy. For example, under-13-year-old users are unable to connect their accounts to College Board.

If, however, you are 13 years old or older and your account is mistakenly set as a child account, you will have to request your parent or your teacher/coach to change your settings for you. 

Note: your parent or teacher/coach must be linked to your account to be able to do this. To see who is linked to your account, you can go to the Teachers section in your Profile menu and check on the Your teachers list.


You can refer your parent or teacher/coach to the following articles so they can help you:

Finally, if you don’t have a parent or a teacher/coach linked to your account, you can always reach out to our support channel, and our support team will be happy to help you by adjusting your settings through our internal tools!