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The MAP Accelerator tile is no longer appearing on Clever. Can I still log in to my Khan Academy account?


If your school district is no longer part of the MAP Accelerator program, your account will be changed to a regular Khan Academy account.

This also means you will no longer see the MAP Accelerator tile on your Clever dashboard, however, you can still access your Khan Academy account by choosing one of the login methods available on our login page.

Please note that some log in methods might require special attention if you're using them for the first time after this change.

Using Email or username and password

If you previously used the MAP Accelerator tile to log in and you're unsure which email or username and password to use to access your school account now, don't worry! Submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help you set a username and/or reset your password.


Using Continue with Clever

In order to use this option, a teacher is required to have at least one class rostered in Khan Academy through Clever. With a regular account, teachers can roster their classes through our free Clever Library integration, which will also enable the regular Khan Academy tile on the Clever dashboard.

Even better, once rostered, your students will also be able to use the Continue with Clever option and the Khan Academy tile on Clever after joining the Clever Library class!

For more details on how to get your classes rostered with Clever Library, refer to this article. You can also see how your students can get started here.


Exploring your Khan Academy account

Keep in mind that, while MAP Accelerator features will no longer be available on your account, this doesn’t mean that your journey with Khan Academy ends here!

You are free to keep your account and explore all of our content and resources available to you either as a teacher or an independent learner. 

Check out our Learner and Teacher Help Center portals to find more details on how to get started!