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What happens to my account at the end of the MAP Accelerator school year?


At the end of the school year, you will start seeing changes in your Khan Academy account as we stop the automatic rostering feature and prepare district accounts for the next MAP Accelerator term.

The timeframe of all account changes mentioned here follows the scheduling agreed with the district. If you think the changes in your account do not align with the end of the district school year, please contact NWEA at 866-329-2315 or


Admin accounts retain their reporting features and will continue to see the data relating to the previous term even after the district roster is cleaned up in preparation for the next term. That said, if an Admin clicks on a teacher row of a report filtered By Teacher, it will show no classes since those are cleaned up by the end of the term in the roster preparation phase.

Admin accounts that will not be part of the MAP Accelerator program for that district in the next term are converted to regular grassroots teacher accounts on Khan Academy. This means that all of your district-synced information will be removed, but you will still be able to log in to the account and use Khan Academy as normal.

Given the high volume of district information admins have access to, the district might instead require that administrator account to be removed.
In this case, you will receive an error message if you attempt to access any district reports.

If you are also a teacher, you will still be able to sign in to your teacher account and use Khan Academy as normal. Otherwise, you can also create a new account by following the steps in this article.


At the end of the school term, all district-synced classes are removed from teacher accounts. This means that, once the roster cleanup goes through, you will no longer have access to assignments, scores, and teacher reports from those classes, as they are tied to the class. That said, no progress is lost; all progress achieved is retained on the student’s account. 

Please note that this cleanup phase removes district-synced classes only, so any grassroots classes or classes not currently synced with the district (usually indicated with [Archived]) will remain on the account, and you’ll be able to retain or remove them whenever you wish.
Please refer to this article for more details on how to delete a grassroots account.  

Another change you might notice is that the coaching relationship between the teacher account and the students enrolled in district-synced classes is also removed, as we prepare the account to receive the new list of students rostered for the next term.

If you want to continue coaching the same students as before and they won’t be part of your roster for the next term, please refer to this article to see how to create a new class, add students, and keep using Course Mastery goals and/or Assignments to coach them.

Teacher accounts that will no longer be part of the MAP Accelerator program for the next term are converted to regular grassroots Khan Academy accounts after their district-synced classes and coaching relationships are removed.


Once the district roster cleanup is completed, students will no longer see district-classes listed on their Learning Homepage. This means that Placements, Course Mastery Goals, or Assignments received from a district class will no longer appear on the student account. That said, any progress achieved while working on them will still be registered on the account.

The coaching relationship between the student and their district teachers is also removed, so they will no longer be listed on the Teachers tab.
If the teacher wants to continue coaching a student that will not be part of their roster for the next term, they'll be able to do so by inviting them to an independent class as shown in this article.

Student accounts that will no longer be part of the MAP Accelerator program are converted to regular grassroots Khan Academy accounts. This means that they’re no longer connected to the district, but they’re still able to log in and use the account as normal. Additionally, all progress achieved will still be visible on the account.