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Content update: new World History Project - 1750 course


Khan Academy is excited to bring another World History Project course to our learners: World History Project - 1750! The World History Project (WHP) is a set of courses created by the OER Project (OER = open educational resources). WHP is a free, online, and cohesive curriculum that goes beyond just being a content repository. 

WHP is a standards-based world history course that builds upon foundational thinking skills in preparation for AP, college, and beyond. The course uses narratives—both large and small—to create a coherent view of the world’s past, present and future. WHP 1750 starts in, you guessed it, 1750 and extends to the present. Why start a course in 1750? We answer this question in the first unit of the course and then do a deep dive on revolutions, imperialism, and globalization—all from a global or world history perspective. The course is designed for high school students. 

If you’re looking for a world history course that begins earlier, covering early humans and the emergence of complex societies, WHP Origins might be right for you! If you’re looking for a history course designed for middle school, then we would recommend checking out the Big History Project, also available on Khan Academy!

If you are a teacher, you can find access to scaffolded materials, teacher resources, an online PD course (for teachers), and a supportive online community on our website ( Here are some great places to start:

WHP Course Guide

WHP 1750 Course Overview

WHP 1750 Online PD

WHP 1750 Teacher Community


If you are a parent, and are looking for some tips, check out the following:

WHP Parent Quick Start Guide

WHP Homeschoolers Online Community

Onward, to history!