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Community Update: May/June 2020 Programming Contest Winners (Music) 🎼🎧


For the months of May and June, participants for this month’s contest were prompted to create a webpage or PJS program showing, describing, or representing music in their life. Participants created games, slideshows, graphics, and simulations depicting how music has impacted their lives and the benefits of it, along with showcasing some of their favorite music.

Below you’ll find the ensemble of winners, along with the judge’s comments. Congratulations and thank you to all the winners and participants!

Advanced Bracket

HexaTone Alpha version


Created By: Kiefer

Why we chose this program: 

This program features a very creative game concept! (sound wave + maze + puzzle = cool) The code was well commented and the walk-through mode was very well done!


Circular Rhythm


Created By: SKY 

Why we chose this program:

This program has a very clean, and simple to use interface with a clever way to create music measures. The code was clear and overall very well done!


3D Marble Machine instrument


Created By: Ꚃ 𝚎 ə ɱ υ ട

Why we chose this program:

This program is amazingly detailed, and we particularly liked the blueprint and vintage film wheel effects!


Music - My Entry


Created By: KING

Why we chose this program:

This program has a nice entry animation, followed by an easy-to-follow layout and lots of great information!

Intermediate Bracket

A Jazz Space


Created By: E A


Why we chose this program:

This is a beautifully rendered, intimate stage. The light effects are great, and there is an excellent use of functions with position and other arguments to layout objects in the scene.


My Musical Journey


Created By: Stephen

Why we chose this program:

This is a very well done, personal slideshow! The program has a good use of coordinate transforms to lay out objects, and includes interesting comments throughout!


A guy with a beat


Created By: 𝑺𝒑𝒂𝒄𝒆𝑹𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒓

Why we chose this program:

This program features an excellent graphic, with good uses of the beginShape, endShape, and vertex functions.


The benefits of music


Created By: JI Peter

Why we chose this program:

This program has a very nice, clean design and it features a good use of jQuery for the multiple pages!

Beginner Bracket

Stage Performance


Created By: LILI <3

Why we chose this program:

This program has good rendering, with organized, well commented code. The visuals are very detailed, and the curtain opening was a nice touch!


Spin-off Contest: MusicWIP


Created By: Poorvi Singhai

Why we chose this program: 

This is a beautiful drawing with significant detail. The program makes good use of subroutines as well as begin/endShape.


Dj for: Contest Music


Created By: purplebanane12

Why we chose this program:

Music is something to participate in, and we liked how this program had the user interact with it!


My Favorite Music


Created By: bookwhiz

Why we chose this program:

This program has good use of stylesheet, as well as a clean layout!