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I completed a written SAT practice test. How do I input my score for the test so that I can see my study recommendations in Official SAT Practice?


Previously, learners could use the "scan and score" feature to automatically import their written SAT® practice test scores. However, College Board is no longer supporting the Daily Practice for the New SAT® app, so the "scan and score" feature is no longer available.

But don't worry! You can use the instructions below to input your practice test answers, score your test, and receive your Official SAT® Practice study recommendations on Khan Academy.

Match Your Written Practice Test with the Digital OSP Test

First, you'll want to match the written test you completed with the correct digital test in Official SAT® Practice.

To do this, find the PDF version of the written test you took here, and compare the first question in Section One of the written test to the first question in Section One of the digital OSP practice test here. For example: the SAT® Practice Test #3 matches with Practice Test #3 on OSP. 

Note: You'll notice that Official SAT® Practice offers 8 full-length practice tests, and that 2 practice tests (#2 and #4) are not listed; these practice tests were archived to align with College Board’s Official SAT® Study Guide book. This is why we recommend double-checking that the first questions in Section One of each practice test match!

Enter Your Answers from Your Written SAT® Practice Test

Once you've identified which digital OSP practice test matches your written practice test, start the practice test and enter the answers you wrote down on your written practice test.

When you've entered all of your answers, submit the practice test. The Official SAT® Practice system will score your test and provide recommendations for what to study based on your answers.