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How do I use the Class Skills Report?


Our new Skills report provides deeper insight into student progress toward mastery of skills across units and courses. These insights can help you tune your lesson plan to give extra attention to trouble spots and to celebrate success.

The Class Skills Report

To get to the Skills report, you can go to your Teacher Dashboard and click on Activity Overview. From there, you will see two tabs, one named Activity, and the other Skills. Click on the Skills tab.


At the top of report, you’ll see the course title and the total number of units and skills in it.


Under that, you’ll see a list of all the units in the course and the number of skills in each unit. Click on a unit to view your class’ progress toward Mastery for each skill. Hover over the purple bar for a quick view of how many students are at each level of mastery -- Attempted, Familiar, Proficient, or Mastered. 

Class_Skills_Report_-_Expand_Unit.gifNote:  There is a Collapse all option for when you are done viewing each unit.


Click on a skill to see your students grouped by their Mastery level. 


You can click on a student to be taken directly to their Activity page. 


You can hover over each Mastery Level to see more information about that level.


Additionally, you can now view the Common Core Standard for each exercise directly from the Skills report.


Also, hovering over the View exercise link will allow you to preview a sample exercise from the unit. Clicking on it will take you to the exercise itself. 


The Skills report also makes it easy to assign specific skills to some or all of your students. To do this, click on the skill to expand it, and then click on Assign this skill.

A pop-up will appear and you’ll be able to assign the skill to your class, a group of students, or a specific student (or save it for later).



Additionally, a new and cool progress tracker was created by our team! It was designed to be very complete, which allows teachers to easily follow their students' progress throughout their learning journeys, especially for those who teach several classes and subjects. Below is a sneak peek of what the progress tracker looks like:


Teachers can access it by clicking here, and they can also print it to use the tracker with their classes!