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Content Updates - June 2020


We're always working to improve Khan Academy content! Here's what changed this month:

AP Computer Science Principles

We've updated this course to add new units and lessons that are aligned with the new 2020-2021 standards from The College Board. Due to the large number of changes, your mastery percentage may change by up to 46%.

  • New unit: Digital Information
    • Includes previously covered topics of binary numbers, compression techniques, and licenses.
    • Adds new topics: bytes, binary representation of text, sampling analog data.
  • New unit: Online data security
    • Includes previously covered topics of cookies, browsing history, geolocation, encryption, phishing attacks, and passwords.
    • Adds new topics: PII, search history, rogue access points, multifactor authentication.
  • New unit: Simulations
    • Includes previously covered topic of randomness. Adds new content on exploring and creating simulations.
  • New unit: Computing Innovations
    • Covers similar topics as previous "Global impact" unit but with new exercises focusing on the harms and benefits of innovations.
  • New lesson: Parallel & distributed computing (in Algorithms unit)
  • Changed unit: The Internet
    • Covers similar topics but exercises focus on different aspects of those topics.
    • Adds new topics: UDP, WWW, scalable systems, open protocol development.
  • Removed unit: Computers