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Community Update: Jan/Feb 2020 Programming Contest Winners (Arcade Games)🕹️👾


As we move through the new year, we would like to revisit some old classics with the winners of the January/February 2020 Arcade Games contest! Participants these months were prompted to create a replica of a traditional game, or even create their own version. Below are the winning entries with the judge’s comments. We hope you will enjoy these programs, we saw some really great entries for this contest!

Congratulations and thank you to all the winners and participants! And remember, you never lose -- you only win or learn! 🧠💪🏼

-- Challenge Council Member Allison (tAG54)

Advanced Bracket



Created By: Fitzgerald

Why we chose this program:

This program is a great reproduction of the original Q*Bert game! The graphics and gameplay are excellent, and the code is very high quality and well structured.




Created By: Jam0708

Why we chose this program:

This Breakout game has incredible graphics, a nice pixel font, and is very fun to play! It is an amazing and creative twist on the original.



Created By: HSstudent16

Why we chose this program:

This program offers a unique Khan Academy-themed version of the classic pinball machine. The program also has an incredible use of complex collisions and is well commented. Excellent job!

Intermediate Bracket

Mario Escape!


Created By: ~TheTomato~

Why we chose this program:

This program has nice pixel art graphics, is very unique, and is fun to play!



Created By: 6Q

Why we chose this program:

This program is a nice interpretation of the classic Pong game. The program is well commented, and has an increase in difficulty from the original Pong.




Created By: John Smith

Why we chose this program:

This program has some creative twists from the original Pong, with a useful functionality that lets the user select their difficulty level. Very well done!

Beginner Bracket

Sonic the Hedgehog (graphic)


Created By: nibbl3s

Why we chose this program:

This program has nice graphics, uses good comments, and has a good use of variables and loops. Nicely done!

The History of Arcade Games


Created By: Beatrice S. 

Why we chose this program:

This program is a nice, informative clicker slideshow with clean code and interesting visuals. Great job!


Entry to "Contest: Arcade Game"


Created By: Omar H.

Why we chose this program:

This is a very fun and unique program with a nice compilation of arcade-style games.