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Transitioning from the old Progress Report to the New Class Skills Report


As you may know, we removed Missions from our platform on June 30, 2020 as part of a larger effort to update our codebase, and this meant that the old Progress Report also went away on that date.

It was a big change, but we also introduced a new Class Skills Report in the Course Mastery system that was modeled after the old Progress Report, so that you can maintain insight into how your students are progressing. 

The New Class Skills Report


What Stayed the Same 

Many of the things you loved about the old Progress Report are available in the new Class Skills Report:

  • You can see a list of all the skills in the course
  • Color-coded bars display your students’ performance across the skills
  • You can see a list of your students in each level.
  • You can see a preview of exercises and navigate to them directly.
  • You can assign a skill to your class directly from the report.

What's New

There are a few new features in the Class Skills Report:

  • The new report is available for all mastery-enabled courses, not just math.
  • The new report displays students at each mastery level in Khan Academy’s Course Mastery system
  • If a skill aligns with a Common Core standard, we display the standard within that skill.
  • You can see a count of how many units there are in your course, and how many skills are within each unit.

 What Went Away

There are some features that were available in the old Progress Report that aren't available in the Class Skills report:

  • The old by-student view isn't available, though it’s on our roadmap. 
    • You can get a detailed view of a student’s activity from the student’s Activity Log.
  • There's no red bar showing Struggling students.
    • You can use the Attempted skill category to identify which skills students are struggling with: Attempted means that a student got fewer than 70% of questions correct in an exercise, or they missed a question on that skill in a quiz, unit test, course challenge, or mastery challenge. Here’s more about Mastery (including the definitions of each skill level).
    • We also encourage you to use the Activity Overview Report to identify students who have many learning minutes but few skills leveled up.
  • Report data isn't downloadable.

We know that these features are important to teachers and we are working hard to bring them back. If you have feedback about how you use these features, we’d love to hear from you. You can share your thoughts with us in our Support Community or contact support.