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Weekly Math learning plans for classes 6th-10th (India) to prepare students better for the upcoming school year.


Get weekly schedules in Hinglish and हिंदी.

With more schools announcing closures through the months of May and June, the Khan Academy India team developed a new resource to help keep your kids learning. Our Weekly Math Learning Plans for Class 6th through Class 10th will help strengthen their foundations and prepare them better for the upcoming year.

The week-by-week learning plans will help you and your children stay focused so they are ready to soar when school starts again. We are offering a 10 week schedule. Choose your child’s class, and start using the weekly plans so they can master key math concepts required for their current class.

How do the plans work?

Combine these weekly learning plans with our Daily Schedules, which help you structure your child’s day so they can continue learning during school closures. Our Daily Schedules include chunks of age-appropriate learning time, lots of breaks for movement, and time to work on hobbies and passions.

Ready to get started? Use our Parent Guide to get you and your child up and running with free Khan Academy accounts. Teachers can refer to our quick start guide for remote learning.

Learn more about how Khan Academy India is helping to keep kids learning during school closures.