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Why was the Average Student Progress column removed from Khan Academy Districts reports?


Earlier this year, we removed the Average Student Progress column from the Khan Academy Districts administrator data dashboard. In the past, administrators could find this column under Progress Overview > Teachers.


After reviewing student progress data across all of our partner districts, we found this metric to be misleading in how it was reporting students’ progress. Data listed under the Average Student Progress column could sometimes be misleading due to the fact that students might be rostered in more than one class. For example, the progress achieved by a student while completing their goal in one class would be reported in the Average Student Progress column as 4 times the student’s progress if they were rostered in four separate classes with the same goals.

Some reasons for this include: 

  • District rosters placed students in multiple classes under one teacher.
  • The presence of first-semester and second-semester classes listed separately within the district’s student information system.
  • Students may have more than one math teacher, but the same Course Mastery pathways. 

Going forward, we recommend looking at Average Learning Minutes and Skills Leveled Up columns as metrics that more accurately reflect student progress, and are consistent with our recommendations for Khan Academy Districts usage and progress.

If you have any additional questions or would like to provide feedback regarding this change, don’t hesitate to contact us.