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Content Update: January 2020 (New content in Art History, AP Computer Science, Official SAT Practice, and more!)


2020 brought us an eclectic January! We hope you'll enjoy the new content in Arts and Humanities, AP Computer Science Principles, Khan for Educators, Class 10 Math and Physics for India, and for Official SAT Reading and Writing Practice.

Arts and Humanities

Art in 19th Century Europe (Article and Video)

Art of the Americas to World War I (Articles)

Baroque to Neoclassical Art in Europe (Article)

Europe 1300-1600 (Video and Articles)

Modernisms 1900-1980 (Article)

Special Topics in Art History (Videos)


AP Computer Science Principles (Exercise and Articles)

Khan for Educators

Getting Started Teacher Training (U.S.) (Article)


Class 10 Math (India) (Articles)


Class 10 Physics (India) (Video)

Test Prep

Official SAT Practice (Articles)