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What happens to a class that is no longer active in the MAP Accelerator program?


When an account is converted to a grassroots account after it is no longer part of the MAP Accelerator program, any classes that were created by the district but were not used will be removed. But don’t worry, all progress on Khan Academy is still there!

Note: When a teacher account is converted to a grassroots account, the coaching relationship between the students in the class and that teacher account will also be removed. If you want to continue coaching the students, please refer to this article to see how to create a new class, add students, and keep using Course Mastery goals and/or Assignments to coach them.

For accounts that are still part of the MAP Accelerator program, only unused classes will be removed at first. If you are still enrolled and have previously used any classes, they will remain in your account and you will be able to check any past work. That said, because these classes are no longer connected with the district, student rosters will not update, and these classes will be removed at the end of the year, so keep that in mind when you prepare for the next term!

All class changes mentioned above follow specific requirements set by the district and the official roster set on Clever. If you think that one of your classes might have been removed in error, please contact NWEA at 866-329-2315 or