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What happens to a class that is no longer active in the Khan Academy Districts + Learning Paths program?


Your school district might add, remove, or replace classes from your roster on Clever during the school year.  When these changes cause an existing district-synced class to no longer be included on the roster shared by the district on Clever, the class is also removed from the teacher's Khan Academy account.

Only unused classes will be removed at first. If you have previously used any classes (by setting MAP Placements or creating Assignments, for example), they will remain in your account for a grace period of 7 days, and you will be able to check any past work during this time. Once the grace period has expired, the classes will be removed from the account for good, and any assignments and scores data will no longer be available.  

Important: Because these classes are no longer connected with the district, data relating to them cannot be recovered, so keep that in mind when you prepare for the next term!


All class changes mentioned above follow specific requirements set by the district and the official roster set on Clever. If you think that one of your classes might have been removed in error, please contact NWEA at 866-329-2315 or