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Update: Enjoy spiral review in our new Mastery Challenges!


After much collaboration with our teachers and learner community, we’re thrilled to announce that Mastery Challenges are now available in Course Mastery!


We’d heard from teachers and learners that they wanted ​more​ opportunities to review concepts they’d already worked on, rather than “one and done” experience that often involved long gaps between students gaining proficiency in a skill and reviewing it later.

Mastery Challenges highlight opportunities for learners to engage in personalized, spaced repetition of skills they've already practiced. ​Research shows​ that spiraling skills over time and across lessons is a key component to minimizing student learning loss and improving knowledge retention.

Mastery Challenges are a way for you to review and practice previously-learned skills in a course. It's also another way to level up or down in previously Proficient skills, in addition to Unit Tests and Course Challenges -- but is more forgiving than other assessments (for example, you can miss one question per skill and keep your current level). Check out our article on Course Mastery for more information about how it works.

We hope you enjoy using Mastery Challenges to level up on your knowledge, and that you’ll share your feedback as you do! You can share your thoughts with us in our Support Community or send us an email.