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💻 Community Update: December 2019 Programming Contest Winners (Computer Science for Good) 🖥⌨️


December is over and January is here, which means it's still code outside. Oh, and we're also thrilled to announce December's winners of the Computer Science for Good programming contest! These programmers got a hot cup of Java, took a byte out of a nice Apple, and wrote some fantastic programs. (Not unlike Harry Potter, whom we understand was fluent in Python.)

We hope you'll C++ and enjoy these projects, and, if so moved, do a little dance to your favorite algorithm.

Advanced Bracket


Our Dependency on Technology

Created By: William Wang

Why we chose this program:
We loved the beautiful and simplistic design of this webpage! The site is very easy to navigate, contains lots of great information (both text and visuals!), all while looking very clean and elegant.



Created By: The Anonymous (previously wkr1128)

Why we chose this program:
This program has a very neat gradient background and fun page-change animations! The program also has *tons* of great information on the various components of computer systems.

Intermediate Bracket


Fields of Technology

Created By: Preetham Sivalingam

Why we chose this program:
This program has very smooth page changes and is easy to navigate. We also liked how the program contains several real-world examples!



Created By: Rheeno

Why we chose this program:
This program has a nice intro to the underlyings of computers. The proposed technological inventions were also very creative!

Beginner Bracket


Computers: Changing the world bit by bit

Created By: amberallard2006

Why we chose this program:
This program is very informative, with a nice use of animations and mouse interaction! Very well done!


Spin-off of "Contest: Computer Science for Good"

Created By: John Smith

Why we chose this program:
This program has a creative concept with a nice auto-playing animation! Great job!