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What are Mastery Challenges?


Mastery Challenges are a way for you to review and practice skills you’ve previously learned in a course. It's also another way for you to level up or down in Mastery, in addition to taking Unit Tests and Course Challenges.

Mastery Challenges aren't always available; they are unlocked when:

  1. You've reached the Familiar level on at least 3 skills
  2. You've reached the Proficient level on at least 1 skill, and
  3. It's been more than 12 hours since you last started a Mastery Challenge (or you’ve never started one).

Once unlocked, you can find Mastery Challenges on the main Course page of mastery-enabled courses.

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Note: Over time, we plan to introduce Mastery Challenges for all mastery-enabled courses. For now, however, Mastery Challenges are only available in Math courses.

Mastery Challenges always consist of 6 questions that review 3 skills. Mastery Challenges are personalized to you, reviewing skills that you’ve worked on across the entire course and devoting 2 questions to each skill:

  • If you answer both questions correctly, you’ll level up in that skill.
  • If you answer both questions incorrectly, you’ll level down in that skill.
  • If you answer 1 question correctly and 1 question incorrectly, your level in that skill remains the same.

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Mastery Challenge questions are randomized, which means you won't necessarily answer both questions for each skill one after another.

You don't have to finish a Mastery Challenge in one sitting; once you start it, you have 12 hours to complete a Mastery Challenge or it will reset. You can also only complete one Mastery Challenge per 12-hour period.

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