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Update: SAT Practice Activity Subject Filter in Coach Tools


After gathering feedback from teachers, we’ve added the ability to filter SAT practice activity by subject back into a more intuitive location within our SAT Coach Tools. 

You can use this filter by clicking on this dropdown selector underneath the SAT practice activity title.


Your subject selection will be saved between visits to the SAT practice activity table. For example, if you select Math today, exit the page, and come back tomorrow, Math will still be selected.

When you’ve filtered by a certain subject, Time Practiced and # of Practiced Questions will be calculated based on students’ work in that subject only. For example, selecting Math will only display the time a student spent on math content.


Note that the % Rec. Math Questions column will disappear if you filter for Reading & Writing only, and % Rec. Reading & Writing Questions column will disappear if you filter for Math only. 

Also note that the individual values for Time Practiced across Math and Reading & Writing may not always add up to the Time Practiced value for All Subjects. This is because All Subjects includes time spent on activities (for example, reading supplemental articles about SAT test strategies) that aren’t associated with either Math or Reading & Writing.

As always, we welcome your feedback about this update! And if you'd like more information about our SAT tools for teachers, check out our SAT Coach Tools Guide.