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🦎 Community Update: October 2019 Programming Contest Winners (Create an Animal!) 🦊 🐦


Whale hello there! We're not kitten around when we say that October's programming contest was a turtle success. Each project below met all of our koalafications for this contest; they include beautiful artwork of an iguana, fox, and a black-cap-chicadee, tower defense and arcade games, and some cool animations of animals both familiar and new.

Ewe shouldn't miss out -- these pawsitive programs will leave you feline good!

Advanced Bracket


= IGU∆N∆ =

Created By: = Ꚃ 𝚎 ə ɱ υ ട =

Why we chose this program:
We were very impressed by this complex and realistic drawing of an iguana! Excellent work!


Collection of Animal Games

Created By: Loyalty

Why we chose this program:
We really enjoyed playing this fun collection of animal-themed games! The pixel animals and animations were very neat, and the program was overall very well put togther.


Critter Conquest

Created By: Green Ghost

Why we chose this program:
This game was very fun to play and proved to be quite challenging! The code itself was also very interesting and well organized.

Intermediate Bracket


Animals around the world

Created By: Allison (tAG54)

Why we chose this program:
The organisation of this program is very creative, and the program does an excellent job of depicting various animals and their habitats! We also like how the author incoporated some of the aspects from the course projects into their program.


Black-Cap-Chickadee Contest entry

Created By: silverleaf12

Why we chose this program:
This program has an excellent (and accurate!) drawing of a Black-Cap-Chickadee. The program also contains lots of interesting information!


Meet Bob!

Created By: Emma See

Why we chose this program:
We really enjoyed all of the animations and user interactions present in this program! Bob's personality and humor was also a nice touch!

Beginner Bracket


Spin-off of "Contest: Create an Animal"

Created By: LillMelon

Why we chose this program:
This program has a great use of colors and simple shapes to create a nice flat art graphic. Very well done!


Cow Stampede

Created By: Saphira

Why we chose this program:
This program has excellent graphics and neat animations! The background makes the scene appear to be quite serene, but we wouldn't want to be standing in front of those cows!


lazerlegendys's zoo for contest:create a animal

Created By: lazerlegendys

Why we chose this program:
This program has very creative and unqiue animals, with properties much different than your typical earthly creatures. Excellent work!