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Update: Simplified cards before and after exercises, quizzes, unit tests, and course challenges!


If you’re a learner (or you’ve helped a learner), you’re probably familiar with the cards that appear before and after an exercise, quiz, unit test, or course challenge:




We’ve heard from learners that it’s not always easy to understand what they should work on next (or how to get there) from the information on these cards. So we’re excited to share that we’ve made these cards simpler!

We’ve simplified the card you see before an exercise, quiz, unit test, or course challenge, so that it quickly shares information about how many questions there will be and roughly how long it took for other students to answer them. Additionally, we’ve made it clearer when an activity will help you level up and when it won’t.


We’ve also simplified the card you see after you’ve finished an exercise, quiz, unit test, or course challenge. On the left, you can quickly see how many skills you’ve leveled up or down on, as well as how many skills remained at the same level. As always, on the right you can find a detailed description of each skill level change. And finally, just one button to click when you’re done.


We hope these changes make practicing and mastering new skills more straightforward for you, and we welcome any feedback you may have. Onwards!