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Content Update: Beta ELA Practice


Oh hi there! Allison, Sharon, and Tom here — and together we are … Khan Academy’s ELA Content team. Excited for some beta ELA content? Us too :)


Check out the content here!

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Defining beta

What do we mean by “beta” in this context? In short, think of the content as being in a “preview” state; a work in progress. Don’t get us wrong: we'd love for learners and teachers to try it out and give us feedback on what you like, what could be improved, and what you’d like to see more of. But please do so with the understanding that none of the courses are yet fully complete, stable, or Done with a capital D; they’ll be evolving over the course of the 2019-20 US school year and beyond.
Keep in mind that things will change from time to time — e.g.:
  • links to content and courses might change,
  • some exercises may get consolidated, while others get split in two, and...
  • in some cases we may remove content.
Plus, of course, we’ll be adding a lot more too! Our plan is for several courses to move from beta to fully-fledged status by summer of 2020 — we’ll share more info about this at a later date.
As you can see, right now the courses just consist of practice exercises. Don't worry — we absolutely plan to add instruction too; we just haven't created it yet :)

What to expect over the 2019-2020 US school year

We’ve started with practice for reading comprehension and vocabulary for grades 2-8; by summer 2020 we expect to add writing and grammar practice for the same grades, as well as instruction for grades 2-8 reading comp, vocab, writing, and grammar too.
The content is aligned to US Common Core State Standards for Language, Reading Informational Text, Reading Literature, and Writing; the passages we use in our practice are also designed to fall within Common Core-aligned text complexity ranges for each grade level. We’ll work on surfacing this information throughout the content as the school year goes on, including adding CCSS tagging as we already have in our math content.