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🚀 Community Update: Sept 2019 Programming Contest Winners (Extraterrestrials!) 👽 👾


September's Programming Contest was out of this world! Break out your telescopes and observe the 9 winning projects below. These projects were fueled by creativity, ranging from the funny to the daring to the scientific. We hope you'll Neptune-in and enjoy these programs, and beam yourselves into participating in next month's programming challenge.

Remember, all of you are stars, because you never lose -- you only win or learn! 💫

Advanced Bracket


The Oskol

Created By: Green Ghost

Why we chose this program:
This program features a really cool complex graphic with subtle, coordinated movements. Very well done!


Errk [Contest Entry]

Created By: ChainLink

Why we chose this program:
The program has a simplistic but yet complex graphic that has a good representation of depth. The four-eyed visage was a nice touch.


Lab 4605

Created By: Glorfindel

Why we chose this program:
This is a very creative interpretation of the theme with nice visuals! The program also has great transitions and an interactive feel.

Intermediate Bracket


Armored Combaton

Created By: Mushy Avocado

Why we chose this program:
This is a really creative alien with neat graphics and animations. We definitely wouldn't want to run into one of those!


Entry for ET contest

Created By: NitOwl007

Why we chose this program:
This is a nice clicker program with neat aliens. The animations are great too!


Squadron 1 [GAME]

Created By: jjhappy

Why we chose this program:
This is a unique game that can be quite challenging! The program also showed good effort to make.

Beginner Bracket



Created By: Logic Programming

Why we chose this program:
This program has a creative alien, with neat graphics. The alien thought processes remain confounding.


Extraterrestrials Contest Entry: Neclyso-G15's Dyson Sphere

Created By: SXB

Why we chose this program:
This program has a Neat "spinning" effect, nice graphics, and an interesting interpretation of the theme. The Dyson sphere reveals the technical prowess of your alien civilization!


Contest: Extraterrestrials: Solar System from an Alien's Perspective

Created By: Sophie Weber

Why we chose this program:
Nice humorous entry with a twist: aliens assess our neighborhood.