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Updates to Full-Length Practice Tests


At Khan Academy, we constantly strive to provide the best practice experience for SAT learners. Accordingly, we're making some updates to the full length practice test tab of Official SAT Practice (OSP) on October 11, 2019. 

We are reordering practice tests to align with recommendations from College Board. 

To both surface the most recent tests first and also align with College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide book, we are now showing practice tests in the following order: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 3, 1. 


We’re adding two new practice tests (#9 and #10), and removing two older ones (#4 and #2). 

All users will now see College Board’s newest practice tests, #10 and #9, at the top of their practice test tab on OSP. Any users who signed up for OSP after October 11, 2019 will no longer see practice tests #4 and #2, as those tests will be archived to align with College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide book and to maintain a total of eight available practice tests on Official SAT Practice.

We feature the eight most recent SAT practice tests on Khan Academy so students can practice using the latest resources and not feel pressured to take more than eight full-length practice tests. Official SAT Practice includes thousands of practice problems with instant feedback for students looking for more practice.

Any users who signed up for OSP before October 11, 2019 will still see practice tests #4 and #2 for a grace period until November 8, 2019. After this grace period ends, those tests will be archived.  Archiving means that users who have already started or finished one of those two practice tests will be able to review their work; users who haven’t already started one of those practice tests will no longer be able to see them. 


We are changing which practice tests have automated essay grading. 

Practice tests 10, 9, and 8 will now have automated essay grading. 

In consultation with College Board, we are removing automated essay grading for practice tests 1 and 2. Those tests will no longer have automated essay grading, though any students who’ve already had essays graded will have their scores retained as long as they do not reset those tests.  

Overall, instead of only 2 automated graded essays, you'll now have 3 in the Official SAT Practice!

Note about essay order: the essays are intentionally not lined up with the essays in the practice tests as they appear on College Board. We wanted to make sure the maximum number of learners are exposed to scored essays.