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✏️ Community Update: Aug 2019 Programming Contest Winners (School Supplies)! 🖇✂️


In celebration of Back to School, our Challenge Council asked entrants for the August 2019 CS coding competition to create projects that showcased interesting uses/interpretations of the "school supplies" theme! Out of 15 entries this month, two were chosen for each category, giving us a total of 6 winners. Check out their beautiful creations below -- you'll see everything from crowdsourced school success tips to a "two truths and a lie" game to colorfully designed checklists!

Below are the winning entries (along with the judging rationale). Congratulations to everyone for their creativity, effort, and enthusiasm! :) 🎉 🙌🏼

Remember, you never lose -- you only win or learn! 💪🏼


Advanced Bracket



Created By: To13

Why we chose this program:
This program has an excellent use of Vue.js and the Khan API to create a unique and useful web app for storing and sharing information. Very well done!


A's Everyday: Getting All Your School Supplies

Created By: Amanvir

Why we chose this program:
This program has an excellent design that looks amazing and flows quite nicely! The bright colors also make this a fun program : )


Intermediate Bracket


School Supplies Trivia Game

Created By: b00khawk

Why we chose this program:
This programs offers a unique twist on the classic "Two Truths and a Lie" game. This was a very creative way to address the contest prompt!


Spin-off of "Contest: School Supplies"

Created By: ThunderCode

Why we chose this program:
This program has a well implemented minimalistic design, and a good use of the box model concepts!


Beginner Bracket


Back to School Shopping Essentials

Created By: Manroop Warraich

Why we chose this program:
This program has excellent content and visual designs! The use of CSS styling to create custom graphics was done quite nicely!


Contest: School Supplies Entry: KhanFeed Article

Created By: Brian Weber

Why we chose this program:
This program has a great use of the topics taught in the Intro course. The humoristic writing style also made this entry enjoyable to read!