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Why do some Khan Academy Districts + Learning Paths Placements have less or more material than others?


When students receive their MAP Accelerator placements, there are a handful of curations that include only an hour or two of work (1 or 2 lessons), while other curations have several days of work. One reason for this is that in some placement bands, especially in lower grades, those particular areas include fewer standards, and so there is not as much material as there may be in other bands. For example, Geometry has only 2 standards in grade 3, and it doesn't take a lot of content to cover that material.

In addition, in MAP Accelerator, each goal area at each RIT band is uniquely curated to cover just the content students need. This means that when students receive their MAP Accelerator placements, you may notice that the amount of work in each goal area varies. This parallels how common curricula and standards weight their focus on different areas of math. For example, at most grade levels, it's typical to spend more class time on number sense or algebraic thinking than on geometry. Similarly, we tend to have more units and lessons in our Operations and Algebraic Thinking content than in our Geometry content.