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How can I understand my progress in Khan Academy?


During the 2019-2020 school year, we introduced views and reporting to help you understand most of mastery-based learning with Khan Academy. This report, and others, will take the place of reports and features that were present in the past. For a list of information that is visible, see below.


When you click on Progress in the left-hand navigation bar (see the image above), you will land on your Individual Student report, which includes exercise minutes, total learning minutes, and an Activity Log. This log can be sorted by timeframe, material, and type of activity. Want to know what skills you mastered when you took a unit test or quiz? Take a look at the "change" column to see what skills moved as a result of your efforts!


Mastery Movement

Sometimes, quizzes, unit tests and course challenges on Khan Academy include skills that build on other pre-requisite skills (for example, you need to be able to add single-digit numbers before you add multi-digit numbers!). When these more difficult skills are completed, it also impacts mastery level of pre-requisite skills. This is why you sometimes may see more skills being leveled up or down on than questions that were completed on a quiz, unit test, or course challenge.



Information from Previous Reports

Our previous progress reports (seen below and previously available on the learner profile under Progress) used a definition of time that was inconsistent across the product, and so we are eliminating these measurements and will use a common time measurement in all locations. You can still find time spent on specific activities will be available on the Student Activity Log.


We look forward to your feedback as we continue to improve providing information that you need to learn best on Khan Academy!