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How do I use LearnStorm in my classroom?


Khan Academy's LearnStorm is a free fall semester program that gives teachers a powerful way to build student motivation during the school year. By combining mindset activities and skills practice across subjects, LearnStorm builds students' confidence. 

Check out the website to learn more about LearnStorm.

This task should take about 10 minutes per class, it needs to be completed independently, and no student involvement is necessary.

1. Go to your Teacher Dashboard, where you'll find the LearnStorm banner once the program has started. To access your Teacher Dashboard, click on the Khan Academy logo in the top navigation.

Click on the Enroll in LearnStorm button to enroll.


2. Once you have enrolled, you can use the LearnStorm tracker to see how your class is doing. Click on the “Check my progress!” button to get started.


3. Select Click for a demo! to see a demonstration of how the Tracker works (you'll click through the prompts).


This tracker counts the number of assignments completed by your students during LearnStorm. Each ring in the tracker is equal to three times the number of students in your class - i.e. if you have 20 students, each ring will equal 60 assignments. LearnStorm is a program that facilitates classroom collaboration, so assignments are counted on a per-class basis.

4. Use the Tracker to celebrate your progress! We recommend projecting your screen during class so your students can watch as progress accumulates. You cannot rewind progress or celebration moments after they happen!

Progress on the LearnStorm Tracker is earned as students complete assignments assigned by you. There is an unlimited number of levels in LearnStorm. Surprises await at the end of each level, so stay tuned!