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What is my Learner Home page, and what can I do there?


Your Learner Home is the first page you see after you log into Khan Academy. You can also find it by clicking on your name in the upper right, and then on Learner home, or by clicking on the Khan Academy logo at the top of any page when you’re logged in.


This is where you can find your profile, any mastery goals or courses your coach or teacher has assigned you, as well as your progress in any courses you’re taking independently.

You can navigate through your Learner Home by using the menu on the left side of the page.


If you have any course or mastery assignments, those will appear on the left-hand menu first, under the name of each class in which you’re a student.

You will find the following information on the menu: 

Assignments tab

Your current and upcoming assignments can be found under the Active tab, and any past or overdue assignments can be found in the Past tab.


Course mastery tab

Just as with your assignments, your current and upcoming mastery goals can be found under the Active tab.


If you have any past or overdue mastery goals, you can find those under the Past tab.


My Stuff

Under My Stuff, you can find the courses you’ve chosen on your Courses page, as well as any missions or test preparation experiences you’re working on.


My Account 

Lastly, under My Account you can find your overall progress and activity on Khan Academy, as well as your profile and your teachers and coaches.

Progress page


Profile page



Teachers page