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How do I add a teacher for myself?


A teacher can be anyone who supports you as you learn -- your parent, your teacher, a tutor, or even a friend. If you have found someone who can teach you, they must first sign up with their own Khan Academy account using their email address or their Google or Facebook account. 

When you add someone as a teacher, you give them access to your progress information so that they can better support your learning.  If you have an email address attached to your account, your teacher will also be able to see the primary email account. 

Follow the instructions below if you are a student who wants to add a teacher. You will need either the teacher's class code or email address. 

  1. Log into your Khan Academy account
  2. You’ll be taken to your logged-in home page. Click on Teachers in the left navigation menu.
  3. Follow the prompts under My teachers and tutors to Join a class or Add a teacher.


You can also download these instructions as a PDF: Add a coach.

Remove a teacher

If you want to remove your teacher, go to the Teachers page described above and click the Remove button to the right of the teacher you want to remove. Children younger than 13 cannot remove their parents from the teacher role, this is because on a child account, the button for removing the parent-teacher does not exist.