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Featured Members: Round 6!


In our sixth cohort of Featured Members, we highlight Markarino, Juzer, and Elijah for their positive and helpful contributions to the Support Community. Read on to learn how their each of their responses to fellow learners were effective and solution-oriented!

Markarino has been helping fellow learners on Khan Academy and providing useful insights to feature request and the computing discussions. His response to this thread is a great example of how he helped a new learner who wants to build a strong foundation in Math and Physics. He shared a personal anecdote of how he used practice exercises/challenges to gauge their grasp of concepts, and work on potential gaps that came about, in between. In the post, his tone is welcoming, helpful, and friendly (which is what we’re all about here at Khan Academy!). Thanks so much for your contributions to the support community, Markarino!

Elijah’s assistance has also gone a long way in helping fellow learners make the most of the Support Community. In this post, he guides a learner on how to move forward in getting their code to work, without giving the answer outright. His advice gently nudges the learner on new ideas to consider, while also pointing out parts of the code that may be redundant. As a learning platform designed to help learners fill “swiss cheese gaps” through practical and personalized learning tools, Elijah's advice reflects this nicely. It is exactly the kind of approach we encourage learners in the Support Community to inculcate when they help each other problem solve and get over learning ‘stumps.’ 

In this post, Juzer posts not one, but two, targeted and detailed responses to a fellow learner who wanted to speed up the playback speed on videos. He provided a couple screenshots to visually demonstrate his instructions (you really can’t go wrong with using screenshots to trouble shoot, especially in the Support Community!) so his advice was crystal-clear and easy to follow. Because the learner used a differently formatted-browser, Juzer’s steps weren’t immediately applicable. After understanding the learner’s roadblock -- that it was a browser format issue -- Juzer recalibrated his advice so that it could directly help answer the learner’s question. This example demonstrates that clear communication is equally as important as seeking to understand the root of a user/learner’s problem, to come up with the best solution. Great work, Juzer!