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Community Update: April 2019 Programming Contest Winners (Impossible Images)! 🕸⚡️


Behold the wonders created by our CS programming contest winners this month! These imaginative programs push the limits on what is earthly possible -- they do everything from defying gravity to insisting that healthy ice cream isn't real. 😆Some are even mind-bending optical illusions! 👀Check them out and prepare to be amazed!

Below are the winning entries, along with judging rationale from the Challenge Council.  Congratulations to everyone for their hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm!

Remember: You never lose. Either you win or you learn! 🙌🏼


Advanced Bracket


When Elephants Fly

Created By: LittleMoose

Why we chose this program: 
This nicely structured graphic is a really creative interpretation of the theme, and it shows great proficiency with beziers! It also makes you wish elephants could fly. Just wouldn't want to be underneath though!



Created By: Reader Writer Penguin

Why we chose this program: 
This animated short story has really complex graphics and a really neat animation of a person walking. Combined with an intriguing backstory, this program is very well done!


An Impossible Staircase

Created By: Leonel Morales Díaz

Why we chose this program: 
At first glance, this project may appear to look like a normal staircase, but using a complex perspective it really puts a creative spin to regular impossible shapes! The stars are also a nice touch! We couldn't stop watching this!

Intermediate Bracket


most impossible image

Created By: Aram Anderson

Why we chose this program: 
We really enjoyed this program's whimsical nature of the "impossible" things! The animations are nice done, and the fine details are very impressive!

The Most Impossible You Can Be

Created By: WALI WAQAR

Why we chose this program: 
This project uses vertex shapes and only three colors to draw a very complex impossible shape. It has a lot of tricky bends and curves which make absolutely no sense in real life. It really shows the power of shading!


Animated optical illusion

Created By: MBONKA

Why we chose this program: 
This program has a really creative interpretation of an impossible scene! The animated arm and slightly flashing water and floor also add a really nice touch!

Beginner Bracket


My Impossible Images entry

Created By: Timothy Penner

Why we chose this program: 
This project draws a fairly complex impossible shape using vertexes and quads, and also changes color!

Defying Gravity

Created By:ЯӨΛЯProgramming

Why we chose this program: 
This program has a very creative interpretation of the contest theme! The inversion of the apocryphal Newton story works really well here!


Color Rain Mania!


Why we chose this program: 
This program has a good use of the topics taught in the Intro to JS course to create an impossible program! Nicely done!