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Featured Members: Round 5!


This next round of Featured Members includes three kind and helpful Support Community members who extend their passion for growth and education to their fellow learners on Khan Academy. Give it up for Legolas, Cyrus, and Nicholas! 

Legolas Greenleaf is a Support Advocate on Khan Academy! You will often find Legolas helping fellow learners throughout the Support Community, answering questions on how to use the site, troubleshooting, and even sharing his enthusiasm for English and Literature with fellow wordsmiths! Legolas’ warmth and resourceful help really goes a long way in the Support Community -- thanks for making Khan Academy a great place to learn and ask questions!

Cyrus Parson is passionate about learning and shares this with his fellow learners! He helps them find specific content on Khan Academy, advises on the best sub-forum to ask questions or share positive stories, and practice exercises to utilize when responding to feature requests! He’s part of what makes our community so welcoming and learning-centered; thanks, Cyrus! 

Nicholas helps Khan Academy learners by providing informed answers to anything from SAT questions to tips and workarounds to general site help. He’s also come up with creative ideas to leverage Khan Academy’s resources in cultivating a growth mindset in young students. Keep it up, Nicholas!